AFAAS Africa Wide Agricultural Extension Week 2015

The second Africa Wide Agricultural Extension Week will take place from 05-10 October 2015, in Desalegn Hotel, Addis Ababa Ethiopia under the theme. “Reinvigorating Extension Services for Market-led Agriculture within the context of the Malabo declaration”. The event is expected to bring together agricultural extension and advisory services practitioners and other agricultural value chain actors across and outside Africa. This edition is hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.    

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AFAAS signed a MOU with AUC

H.E. Mrs Tumusiime Rhoda Peace and Dr Silim Nahdy signing the MOU

Addis Ababa 13th April 2015

The African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the African Union Commission-Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture (AUC-DREA).  The MOU was signed by H.E. Mrs Tumusiime Rhoda Peace, the Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture and Dr Silim Nahdy, the AFAAS Executive Director. The AFAAS delegation was composed of Dr. Jefferson Kwashi Mutiba, Vice Chairperson – AFAAS Board, Dr. Dangnachew Beyene -AFAAS Board member, Mr. Berhanu Gezahegn- AFAAS Focal Person in Ethiopia and Mr. Max Olupot, Technical Assistant to AFAAS Executive Director and Partnership Coordinator.

The specific objectives of the MOU among others are:

-        Broaden the strategic partnership between the parties (in areas including Agriculture, rural development, innovations and Trade and Industry),  

-        Define the principles for cooperation within the context of the mutual responsibilities of the Parties and enhancement of synergies.

According to this MOU, the AUC-DREA engages AFAAS to provide technical support in the design, development and implementation of continental initiatives and innovation for development in Africa. Also, it will facilitate collaboration with African Union Commission and NEPAD Planning and Coordination Agency (NPCA) as may be deemed relevant for collaborations to strengthen agricultural, rural development and innovation for Africa’s economic development. 

published: 2015-04-17

Workshop for the formalization of the West and Central Africa Network of Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services (RESCAR-AOC)

Group photo at the opening ceremony of the RESCAR-AOC workshop

The workshop for the formalization of the West and Central Africa Network of Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services (RESCAR-AOC) started today at Ivotel in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. This is three days’ workshop from 18th - 20th February 2015. It is attended by 54 participants working on extension and advisory services coming from western and central Africa countries, development partners, regional networks, Country Fora, ANADERCORAF, AFAAS, and GFRAS. The official launch was conducted by Mr. Coulibaly Siaka, representing the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire. AFAAS is represented by Dr Mercy Akeredolu, Board Member and Mr. Emmanuel Atenga, Communications Officer.

The overall objective of the workshop is to provide the West and Central Africa Network of Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services with relevant institutional and operational tools to support the transformation of the agricultural and rural sector in WCA.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Present the results of the diagnostic study of RAS in WCA to clarify the added value and areas of intervention to better support rural actors in the transformation of the agricultural and rural sector in WCA;
  • Validate the operational set up and action plan of RESCAR-AOC to ensure an efficient and coherent implementation of its strategic orientation;
  • Consolidate the RESCAR’s 2015 action plan;
  • Identify opportunities and conditions for the application of subsidiarity and synergy with rural development institutional stakeholders hence contributing to the transformation of the agricultural and rural sector in WCA;
  • Validate and set up RESCAR-AOC governance systems (statutes and guidelines, decisional and operational bodies).  

The AFAAS 12th Board Meeting, 24 November 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa

Group Photo of AFAAS Board Members and staff at the end of the board meeting 

World Bank Support Supervision Mission to AFAAS

AFAAS Secretariat staff and Dr.Tekola Dejene from WB during their session. 

Conducted by Ms. Brem Nathan and Dr.Tekola Dejene from the World Bank, the main objective of this mission was to review progress in implementation of AFAAS Strategic Plan 2011-2015. The specific objectives were: i) review the implementation of AFAAS Annual Workplan & Budget, Procurement Plan 2014, ii) provide technical support to AFAAS Secretariat in finalizing the WP & Budget, Procurement Plan and Training Plan 2015, iii) review key legal documentation (AFAAS grant guidelines, Grant Agreement, standard conditions, disbursement letter, MDTF Launch Aide memoire etc.) and iv) discuss joint monitoring and evaluation (role of FARA, GFRAS). The mission took place at AFAAS Secretariat  in Kampala, Uganda from 12th -13th November 2014.

UFAAS National Annual AEAS Stakesholder's Workshop

Group Photo at the opening ceremony of the UFAAS National Annual AEAS Stakeholder's Workshop, 29Oct. 2014-Kampala, Uganda

This workshop held in Kampala, Uganda from 29th to 30th 2014 under the theme : "Uganda’s Agriculture at Crossroads: Critical issues in the Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS) System".  The main purpose of the workshop was to bring together a broad range of actors to take stock of the current critical issues affecting Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS) in Uganda. UFAAS needs to continuously advocate for the value and relevance of AEAS and also continuously build the capacity of its members to be up to date with the emerging issues and approaches. It is also imperative that UFAAS initiates the process of setting standards for the extension and advisory services in Uganda and advocates for their adoption by MAAIF which has the mandate for this function.

Review of the progress in implementation of the AFAAS Strategy and Medium Term Operational Plan (MTOP) workshop

Group photo at the opening ceremony of the AFAAS Review Workshop, 14Oct. 2014-Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

First follow up meeting on IAR4D Institutionalisation in Uganda

Members of the committee in discussion

Kampala, 18 September 2014

At the end of the Training on Enhancing the Capacity to Implement IAR4D Concept for AFAAS Members and NARS in Uganda, held in Kampala from 9th to 12th September 2014, a National Committee in charge to take forward action on IAR4D Institutionalisation in Uganda was formed. The first meeting of that Committee took place yesterday (18th September 2014) at AFAAS Secretariat in Kampala. This Committee is formed by members from AFAAS, UFAAS, NARO, NAADS and CIAT (Humidity Tropics). Additional members are proposed to be brought on Board. The outcomes of this first meeting are the following: task force set up, TOR drafted, Committee settled, Action Plan (September-December 2014) drafted.

Training on Enhancing the Capacity to Implement IAR4D Concept for AFAAS Members and NARS in Uganda

Group photo at the opening Ceremony of the Enhancing the Capacity to Implement IAR4D training for AFAAS Members and NARS, Kampala, Uganda- 9th  Sept.2014 

AFAAS is currently operating in 27 countries.

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Given that...

  • Most Africans still live in rural areas and are largely dependent on subsistence agriculture

  • Most African economies are also greatly dependent on agriculture

... it is logical to conclude that improved agricultural performance will:

  • Uplift both physical and economic access to food

  • Raise the purchasing power of households

  • Generate investment


PROIntensAfrica: participation of AFAAS at the kick-off meeting and the General Assembly of ProIntensAfrica. 

When 21 to 23 Apr 2015
Where Accra (Ghana)
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East Africa Policy Dialogue 

Concet Note          Prgramme 

When 16 to 18 Jun 2015
Where Entebbe (Uganda)
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published: 2015-04-09


AFAAS- Africa Wide Agricultural Extension Week 2015

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Announcement (AR) 

When 5 to 10 Oct 2015
Where Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
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published: 2014-09-24

GFRAS seeking qualified evaluator for extension and advisory services project

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DAAD-RUFORUM in-region scholarships 2014

RUFORUM Secretariat is pleased to announce that a few PhD scholarships for Plant Breeding and Biotechnology programme are available through DAAD in region programme support. The scholarships are tenable for 2014/15 academic year at Makerere University, Kampala- Uganda. More

AfricaRice seeks Director General

AfricaRice is one of the 15 international agricultural research Centers that are members of the CGIAR, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research ( It is also an autonomous intergovernmental association of 24 African member countries (