African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services


The Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services in Cameroon (CAMFAAS) was endorsed by stakeholders as the national stakeholders’ forum in Cameroon and affiliated to the Africa Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) which is an umbrella network organisation for Agricultural Advisory Services (AAS) in Africa. CAMFAAS itself is an umbrella platform of Agricultural Advisory Services (AAS) providers, actors and stakeholders in Cameroon established in 2015. CAMFAAS is hosted by the National Platform of Agro Sylvo Pastoral and Fishery Professional Organisations of Cameroon (PLANOPAC), the umbrella organization representing and defending producer’s interest.

The mission of CAMFAAS is “to build capacity and empower stakeholders along agricultural and livestock value-chains through knowledge-sharing, resource mobilization and skills-development for sustainable improvements in agricultural productivity, food and nutrition security and livelihoods”.

The goal of CAMFAAS is “to develop and promote a coordinated, inclusive and demand-driven agricultural advisory support and service network in Cameroon”.

The key mandates of the forum is to advise the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development (MINADER), MINEPIA, and other related ministerial departments on agricultural extension and advisory services activities and actively be involved in policies’ dialogue on Agricultural Extension, to address gaps in AAS implementation, private sector engagement, monitoring and evaluation, quality control, and advocacy. It should also act as a link between research and extension especially between public and private AAS providers. CAMFAAS will also help MINADER, MINEPIA and other ministries implementing the National Agriculture Investment Plan (PNIA) to reach CAADP mission and Country objectives (DSCE).

CAMFAAS has a strategic partnership agreement with West and Central Network for Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services (RESCAR-AOC) and Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS).

CAMFAAS overall objectives are to:

a)     Bring together AAS actors in Cameroon and maintain a directory to the benefit of all stakeholders;

b)     Promote the development of AAS networks at the national, regional and local level;

c)     Link AAS stakeholders in Cameroon with CAADP processes and to other networks with similar goals such as the Network of Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services in West and Central Africa (NARAS_WCA), the African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) and the Global Forum for Rural advisory Services (GFRAS);

d)    Identify opportunities for sharing and promoting AAS experiences and lessons on best fit practices among stakeholders;

e)     Closely collaborate with AAS education and training institutions and to actively be involved in curriculum development and/or adjustment of agricultural academic institution;

f)     Actively interact with Agricultural Research bodies for the development and dissemination of relevant and proven technologies that will meet the needs of value-chain stakeholders;

g)    Set standards and priorities for Agriculture Extension and Advisory Services in Cameroon;

h)    Certify and regulate the activities of all AAS actors (public, private, non-governmental, etc.) to ensure conformity with set standards;

i)      Advocate for and influence policy decisions and practices to the benefit of all AAS stakeholders;

j)      Mainstream gender and youth in AAS.

The forum has so far around 55 keys stakeholders including public institutions, private sector, local NGOs, universities (faculty of agronomy), training schools, rural micro finance institutions, farmer organizations, experts, national agricultural research institute and other international research centres like ICRAF and AVRDC.

The CF Focal Person is Nestor NGOUAMBE.


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