African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services


The Nigerian Forum for Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (NIFAAS) is an umbrella organization of agricultural advisory service (AAS) providers, actors and stakeholders in Nigeria including the Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (AESON). The mission of NIFAAS “To build capacity and empower stakeholders along agricultural value-chains through knowledge-sharing, resource mobilization and skills-development for sustainable improvements in agricultural productivity, food and nutrition security and livelihoods.” NIFAAS also takes on its goals, “To develop and promote a coordinated, inclusive and demand-driven agricultural advisory support and service network in Nigeria”. NIFAAS was formally launched by the then Permanent Secretary  of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Abuja, on Thursday June 23rd 2011, with support from the AFAAS Headquarters in Uganda and the then National Project Coordinator of the National Program for Food Security.

NIFAAS has a strategic partnership with the National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services, Ahmadu Bello University, and also with the Federal Department of Agricultural Extension (FDAE) of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (AESON).

The NIFAAS overall objectives are to:

  • Bring together AAS actors in Nigeria and maintain a directory to the benefit of all stakeholders;
  •  Promote the development of AAS networks at the National, Zonal and State levels;
  • Linking AAS Stakeholders in Nigeria with CAADP processes and to other networks with similar goals such as: the Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (AESON), the Network of Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services in West and Central Africa (NARAS_WCA), the African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) and the Global Forum for Rural advisory Services (GFRAS);
  • To identify opportunities for sharing and promoting AAS experiences and lessons on best fit practices among Stakeholders;
  • To closely collaborate with AAS education and training institutions;
  • To actively interact with the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) and International Research Centers for the development and dissemination of relevant and proven technologies that will meet the needs of value-chain Stakeholders in Nigeria and the Region;
  • Setting standards and priorities for Agriculture Extension and Advisory Services in Nigeria;
  • To certify and regulate the activities of all AAS actors (public, private, non-governmental, etc.) to ensure conformity with set standards;
  • To advocate for and influence policy decisions and practices to the benefit of all AAS Stakeholders;
  • To mainstream gender in AAS.
The immediate activities/priorities of NIFAAS:
  • Complete official registration of NIFAAS;
  • Sensitization and mobilization of key stakeholders to join the country forum;
  • Capacity building for members on the New extension;
  • Development of KM strategy for NIFAAS;
  • Identification and documentation of RAS responsive innovations for scaling out/up;
  • National policy review and dialogue;
  • Advocate for gender responsive RAS policy;
  • NIFAAS general meeting to elect offices;
  • Convene NIFAAS steering committee for development of strategic Action plan.

Contact person: Prof. Arokoyo Tunji,


CF NameNigerian Forum for Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services – (NIFAAS)