African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services


Mozambique is one of the IFAD project supported countries and Post-harvest management Project in sub-Saharan Africa in Northern provinces of Nampula and Cabo Delgado. The Mozambican Forum for Agricultural Extension Services (MOZSEA) itself is an umbrella organization of agricultural advisory service (AAS) providers, actors and stakeholders in Mozambique. MOZSEA has a strategic partnership agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) through the National Directorate of Agrarian Extension (DNEA) and a five year (2011-2016) strategic partnership framework with the Department of Agricultural Extension Services (DAES) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. Stakeholders’ sensitization was done in 2013 and Terms of reference for the new platform concluded by the task team planned to work on integrating Research, Extension and Development including the National Plan for Agriculture Development, Agriculture Investment Plan (CAADP).

The Mozambique CF’s overall objectives will be to:

  • Promote the exchange of information, innovations and human resources by documenting available technologies and other information; disseminating “best practices; promoting partnerships and linkages with other networks, partners, stakeholders, and adding value to ongoing initiatives in AAS;
  • Improve the capacity of AAS partners and members by promoting capacity building; enhancing professional growth of the AAS providers and providing further training for members;
  • Influence policies and programmes related to agricultural advisory services by documenting such policies in Mozambique and sharing best practices and lessons learned; Improve the quality/quantity of AAS in Mozambique; Identify, encourage and support operational research in AAS by pro-actively identifying issues likely to affect AAS and develop strategies or mobilize capacity to deal with them; Coordinate donor efforts and input in AAS, and Undertake any other activities geared towards development of AAS.
    • Explore partnership with Brazil for extension material and sharing with other countries;
    • Finalize the establishment of Country Forum;
    • Increase visibility of the country forum among Policy makers and other institutions;
    • Translate the “New Extensionist” into Portuguese;
    • Documenting local knowledge and experience capitalization and existing practices;
    • Training of the extension personnel in Portuguese.
The immediate activities/priorities of CF include:

Contact persons: CF chairperson: Dr. Albertina Alage, Mobile: +258 823190010

CF Focal person: Mirza Lobo, Mobile:  +258 84 858 98 69, e-mail:


CF NameMozambican Forum for Agricultural Extension Services – MOZSEA
Contacts+258 823 190010 or