African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services


he CF of Ethiopia has been subsumed in the Agricultural Development Partners Linkage Advisory Councils (ADPLACs). ADPLACs are the councils formed to strengthen the partnership and linkage platforms of various actors in the agricultural development process in Ethiopia. Earlier they were known as Research-Extension-Farmer Linkage Advisory Councils (REFLACs). ADPLACs function at Federal, Regional, Zonal and district levels all over the country.

Since ADPLAC is a large body, a number of focused and small working groups were expected to be established by the Council. The small working groups are expected to be focused on common priority issues of partners. This group will support the council, provide it with useful information and help present the views of interest groups will be established. It is recommended that, inter alia, the following working groups (or sub-committees) be considered: a women farmers’ group, a working group made up of representatives of farmers’ research groups, a resource management group, farming systems group, etc. to make ADPLAC more effective and efficient.

ADPLAC has been organized to have chairpersons, secretaries and ordinary members. The number of members could vary depending on the practical and changing conditions of the research and development activity. For example, it may either increase/decrease based on re-organizations and/or restructurings that may occur in the organizations operating in region. This being the case, the organization of the council is normally to be as follows, with respect to the level concerned (Federal, Regional, Zonal or district) .The driving force is public extension which is MoA.

The council have by-law not legal status as association. But, Members shall respect, adhere to and apply the by-law of the council. Theoretically the linkage mechanism, its function, purpose, required activities and institutional arrangements are well articulated in Strategic Framework document of ADPLAC.  ADPLAC doesn’t have a separate strategic plan but, strategic plan was developed with a national extension strategy as one cornerstone and planning process also done together with extension strategic plan.

The immediate activities/priorities of the CF
  • Revising ATVET core competencies to include new  extensionist core competencies
  • Revision of existing extension policy and strategy
  • Scaling up/out good practices
  • Developing KM strategy
  • Extension week platform
  • Capacity building on strengthening ADPLAC.

The CF Focal Point Person is Berhanu Gezahegn.


CF NameAgricultural development Partners Linkage Advisory Council (ADPLAC)
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