African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services


The CF in Madagascar called “Forum du Conseil Agricole”, which was launched and constitution signed on 8th July 2014. It has General Assembly, Steering Committee/Board : Conseil d’Orientation, and Secretariat: Bureau de facilitation at FTA. “Bureau de facilitation” hosted by the Farming & Technology for Africa represented by Administration and activity coordination: Andrianjafy Rasoanindrainy (FTA ED), Finance: Zo Lovasoa Rakotondramanitra (FTA Financial officer), and Occasional consultants hired for activities. The forum has a three year Plan : 2014 to 2017, which has five components: Capacity strengthening, Collaboration and partnerships, Innovation and usage of new technology (ICT), Contribution and advocacy for CAADP & adequate policy, and Governance, finance and management.

The forum does many activities that can share and showcase in the area of: ICT4Dev, Small scale farming improvement, CSA, agro ecology and natural resource management

The immediate activities/priorities

  • Organize strategic workshop on KM
  • Organize ICT4Ag training
  • Training on the new extensionist
  • Organize policy dialogue and develop extension strategy

Contact persons: Elias Randrianarisoa (Ministry of Agriculture) +261 3204 46319 / + 261 3315 83001 / +261 3405 61056 and CF focal person Andrianjafy Rasoanindrainy (Farming & Technology for Africa) 3311 32510 / +261 3406 88345

CF NameForum du Conseil Agricole
Contacts+261 3204 46319 or