African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services


In July 2014, a meeting of national AEAS stakeholders in Liberia was held under the sponsorship of AFAAS whereby the Liberia Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (“LIFAAS”)  was officially launched andduring which time an “Interim Steering Committee” (ISC) comprising of 9 (nine) persons was constituted. Members of the ISC include farmer’s organization, public, private, academic and research institutions and the NGOs community.

The forum has currently 73 members from public, private, academia, research, NGOs, and farmers organization,

Progress/activities so far have included the following:
  • Two (2) Interim Steering Committee (ISC) meetings (January 22 and February 6, 2015)
  • Election conducted for ISC Chairman and Vice Chairman (at January 22, 2015 meeting). This was preceded by a summarized 4-point criteria recommended for election of ISC chair and co-chair:
  • Formulation and finalization of a Term of Reference for the ISC
  • Endorsement and signing of TOR by 7 ISC members out of 9 members (those present at meeting of February 6, 2015.
  • Finalized draft report of July 3, 2014 stakeholders meeting completed awaiting printing.

The immediate activities/priorities

  • Develop proposal to get financial support from IFAD and other donors
  • Validate constitution and bylaws
  • Elect officials to CF
  • Register CF
  • Develop strategic plan
  • Suprot for 2 persons to participate in AFAAS in AFAAS week in Ethiopia
  • Support to compile data base of extension service providers in Liberia
  • Support to develop implementation strategy of the extension policy.

Contact Persons – “LIFAAS” Interim Steering Committee Chairman: A. Richelieu Mitchell, Sr., Registrar-General,Cooperative Development Agency, Monrovia, Liberia, e-mail:, Tel.: (+231) 886-786-068

Focal Person: Edward B. Perry Director of Extension, Ministry of Agriculture, Liberia, e-mail:, Tel: (+231) 886-455-838

CF NameLiberia Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services – LIFAAS
Web Address
Contacts+231 886 455838 or