African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services

Handover e-meeting and appointment of the new board

SARFAAS handover e-meeting was organised on Friday the 24th of April 2020 between the outgoing key board members, Prof. Zwane Elliot (outgoing Chairperson) Mr Andrianjafy Rasoanindrainy (outgoing Secretary) and the newly elected board of SARFAAS Dr Verona Parkinson, Mrs Thembe Ngotho and Mr Charlin Heritiana. The outgoing Chairperson made a speech summarising SARFAAS history and achievements and exposed the remaining challenges and activities that need to be addressed.

Listen to Prof. Elliot Zwane’s handover speech

Persons present during the handover e-meeting were:

  • Prof. Zwane Elliot (outgoing Chairperson)
  • Andrianjafy Rasoanindrainy (outgoing Secretary)
  • Prof. Johanne van Niekerk (acting treasurer)
  • Dr Verona Parkison (newly elected board member)
  • Mrs Thembe Ngotho (newly elected board member)
  • Mr Charlin Heritiana (newly elected board member)

The new elected board members discussed about responsibility assignment and agreed on the following:

New Chairperson
Dr Verona Parkinson

New Vice-Chair of
Mrs Thembi Ngotho

New Secretary
Mr Heritiana Charlin

Elected members proposed these ex-officio members to be part of the Board:

  • Dr Charles Masangano
  • Mr Andrianjafy Rasoanindrainy

It was agreed between board members that SARFAAS Chair, Dr Verona Parkinson, will represent SARFAAS at AFAAS as needed.