African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services

World Bank Support Supervision Mission to AFAAS

AFAAS Secretariat staff and Dr.Tekola Dejene from WB during their session. Conducted by Ms. Brem Nathan and Dr.Tekola Dejene from the World Bank, the main objective of this mission was to review progress in implementation of AFAAS Strategic Plan 2011-2015. The specific objectives were: i) review the implementation of AFAAS Annual Workplan & Budget, Procurement Plan 2014, ii) provide technical support to AFAAS Secretariat in finalizing the WP & Budget, Procurement Plan and Training Plan 2015, iii) review key legal documentation (AFAAS grant guidelines, Grant Agreement, standard conditions, disbursement letter, MDTF Launch Aide memoire etc.) and iv) discuss joint monitoring and evaluation (role of FARA, GFRAS). The mission took place at AFAAS Secretariat in Kampala, Uganda from 12th -13th November 2014.