African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services

A Catalogue of Field Schools Applications in Eastern AFRICA

This catalogue is the first effort by the EA FS Hub, AFAAS, FAO and IIRR to highlight FS applications in the eastern Africa region. It compiles over 300 FS profiles, and marks the beginning of a journey to document and profile FS applications in the region.

The catalogue was produced through the contribution of Master Trainers and facilitators who profiled various field schools in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda which are either supported by investment programs, NGOs or governments. The field school applications in the catalogue are presented under four thematic areas:
 Field schools on Land and water management
 Field schools on Crop production and marketing
 Field schools on Livestock production and marketing
 Field schools on Aquaculture

The catalogue serves as an important tool for showcasing the diversity of FS applications in the region. It enhances the visibility of FS implementing agencies to their stakeholders and potential donors. Moreover, the catalogue maps potential sites for learning visits for farmers and others interested in implementing the FS methodology. It is an evolving document that will be updated annually

By Mr. Max Olupot
Director Programmes, AFAAS and Coordinator Eastern Africa Field Schools Support Hub