African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services

AFAAS – Booklet of case stories

This booklet is a result of a consultative process that the Eastern Africa Field School Hub and partners, including FAO, AFAAS and IIRR, started at the onset of the “Strengthening Field School interventions in the framework of IFI investment programs in Eastern Africa” project. The goal of the project is to contribute to solidifying the FS hub’s future ability by providing quality support to a broad set of actors in the longer term. This project culminated as a support for the program for institutionalization of field schools in Eastern Africa that
was implemented by FAO.

The FS approach provides a platform to implement client-driven and participatory advisory services linking technology innovation with indigenous knowledge to enhance food security of vulnerable communities. With the expansion of FS approach in the Eastern Africa region, there has been an increase in demand for knowledge management; sharing and quality control, hence need for proper documentation of the implementation of FS methodology and the impact created by the establishment of the field schools in the Eastern African region.

IIRR was brought on board to support the EAFS Hub in documenting case stories from farmers who participated in the implementation of the FS methodology. The process The process entailed a writeshop, which was convened in April 2022, where the key components of documentation were introduced and trained to the writers.

It is our hope that this booklet will serve as a useful tool for stakeholders to learn the best practices in FS application and the potential of field schools in strengthening community livelihoods.

We wish you all a nice read.

Dr. Silim M. Nahdy
Executive Director AFAAS