Title : AFAAS Anti-Fraud Whistleblower Policy

Author: AFAAS
Date of publication: 2019
Language: English
Country of origin: –
Number of pages: 7
Target Audience: –

Summary :

Overview. AFAAS (the “AFAAS”) establishes this Anti-Fraud and Whistleblower Policy (the “AntiFraud Policy”) as it is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, honesty and accountability in all of its affairs. The AFAAS is determined to maintain a culture of honesty and opposition to fraud and corruption.

Based on this commitment, this Anti-Fraud Policy outlines the principles to which we are committed in relation to preventing, reporting and managing fraud and corruption. Our AntiFraud policy reinforces the AFAAS’s approach to business dealings by articulating the core values of the AFAAS and by setting out the ways in which employees or members of the public can voice their concerns about suspect fraud or corruption. It also outlines who in the AFAAS will deal with such complaints.