African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services


  1. Background:

African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) is a Continental body that brings National Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS) providers in Africa under one umbrella. The AFAAS has received grant funding from the European Union managed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) under Grant Number: 2000002981 towards the implementation of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme ex-pillar IV (CAADP XP4) organisations under the initiative “Development Smart Innovation through Research in Agriculture (DeSIRA)” Project. For the implementation of project activities, AFAAS will conduct procurements for goods, consulting and non-consulting services, in accordance with the IFAD Procurement Handbook and IFAD Procurement Guidelines.

The AFAAS will be holding the 6th Africa Wide Agricultural Extension Week 2023 (AAEW2023) in Abuja Nigeria in the first week of November 2023. This is an event aimed that brings together agricultural stakeholders, experts, and practitioners from across the African continent. The event will focus on sharing knowledge, best practices, and innovations in agricultural extension services. The AFAAS will require dissemination of various communication and visibility materials (brochures and fliers), policy briefs, reports including annual reports and other publications.

To have the communication and visibility materials ready for distribution in the meeting, the AFAAS is soliciting services of firm with skilled graphics designers to design the visually compelling and informative flyers that will effectively promote and communicate the event’s key details.

  • Objectives of the Consultancy:

The main objective of this assignment is to prepare appropriate layout/design for AFAAS printings (i.e. flyers, reports, multicolour infographics, original illustration etc.) and check carefully colour combination, size, etc. with proper formatting of the products in accordance with international standards.

  • Duration of the Assignment

The assignment shall be for 30-man days, spread in three months effective October to December 2023.

  • Qualification, Experience and Competences:
  • Qualification and Experience

The firm must possess the following experience, qualifications and competences to execute the assignment:

  • Firm must have atleast 5 years’ experience conducting designs and infographics for International Organisations;
  • Track record of atleast 3 assignments in designing event promotion materials, preferably for conferences or workshops.
  • Demonstrated experience in use of graphics design software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Canva, etc.) relevant to perform the tasks.
  • Strong understanding of the design principles, typography, and design/layout.
  • References or client testimonials (if available).
  • Competences:
  • Ability to conceptualize, plan and execute innovative ideas;
  • Ability to work creatively, efficiently, and within established timelines.
  • Displays open, co-operative behaviour with other team members;
  • Remains calm and in control, and good humoured even under pressure;
  • Responds positively to critical feedback and differing points of view;
  • Sets priorities, produces quality outputs,
  • Meets deadlines and manages time efficiently
  • Good communication skills to understand and incorporate feedback.
  • Fluency in English is required

Interested consultants are expected submit a brief Technical Proposal describing the proposed methodology detailing how the deliverables will be achieved; Personal CV indicating all past experience from similar projects, as well as the contact details – email and telephone and Atleast three professional referees and a Financial Offer with the proposed daily rate. Technical and Financial Proposals must be delivered to the address below not later than 16th October, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. at the address below or electronically on email:

The Consultant shall be selected based on the “Consultants Qualification Selection (CQS)” procurement method by IFAD Procurement Handbook (approved in September, 2010). Interested individuals may obtain detailed information on the assignment at the address below from 08:00 – 17:00 (local time) latest October 9, 2023.

Dr. Silim M. Nahdy

Executive Director, AFAAS,

Kigobe Road; House No. 26; Minister’s Village;

P.O BOX 34624 Kampala, Uganda

Telephone: +256-312313400.


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Further information may be obtained from the Director Programmes; email;  

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