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Eastern Africa Field Schools Support Hub
FS Support -Hub Sustainability and Resource Mobilisation Consultant

Procurement Ref: No. AFAAS/FAO/CQS/2020/0016
Approved Procurement Plan 2020
Deadline: 05 October 2020, by 16:00 Hours EA Time

1. General Background

African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) is a Continental body that brings National Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS) under one umbrella. The AFAAS’ goal is “Enhanced utilization of improved knowledge and technologies by agricultural value chain actors to catalyze sustainable inclusive agricultural development to feed and create prosperity for Africa”. AFAAS is currently hosting the Eastern Africa Field School Support Hub (FS-Hub). The Hub enables: FS actors to have access to quality information on FS and are actively engaged in peer networking and knowledge sharing; Enhanced levels of institutionalization, in policy and practice of the FS approach in the region. The FS-Hub is rooted in the Field School (FS) approach. The FS approach provides a platform at community level for putting in practice client-driven and participatory advisory services linking technology innovation with indigenous knowledge to enhance food security of vulnerable communities. The last years have seen a rapid expansion of the FS approach (Farmer Field Schools, Pastoralist Field Schools and other adaptations) in the Eastern Africa sub-region accompanied with increasing demand for knowledge management, sharing and quality control. The FSH vision is to see “Farmers and Agro-pastoralists transforming their livelihoods’’. While the mission is to be a leading regional center of excellence for quality FS implementation” in the Eastern Africa Region. AFAAS with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and other donors is facilitating FS networking and technical support to FS initiatives in 11 countries, namely; Burundi, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. The envisaged support is targeted on enhancing quality assurance for FS implementation and knowledge sharing on FS good practices and innovations.

The FS-Hub hub is to be linked to regional and national research and development organizations for update information on new technologies and innovations of relevance to the FS community. AFAAS mandate is to establish the FS Hub as an independent entity with funding mechanisms that ensure long term sustainability embedded in AFAAS network. The independent FS Hub will be characterised by scheduled hub board meetings, constitution, transition plans, funding strategy and multi-faceted donor agreements. One of the key success factors for the Field Schools will be its legal status in the region and host which is currently Uganda also the host of AFAAS. AFAAS is therefore, seeking services of an experienced individual(s) to provide technical services on resource mobilisation, finalization of FSSH strategic Plan, and Recourse mobilisation and sustainability strategy.

2. Objective of the Assignment

Provide technical support in resource mobilisation including review of the EA strategy, resource and mobilisation strategy. The consultant shall pay Critical attention to ensuring robust sustainability mechanism of the resource plan. The plan will include; Resource needs under various scenarios of operational scale; Fund mobilisation strategy both for internally self-generating funding opportunities as well as external funding needs; Analysis of potential funding opportunities and a work plan for resource mobilisation.

3. Scope of Work

The consultant shall inter-alia, undertake the following tasks:

I- Review and finalize key strategic documents of EA Field Schools support Hub including; strategy, draft resource and suitability strategy

II- Analyze similar initiatives, NGOs, regional organisations in Agriculture and draw lessons to inform the AFAAS- EA FS SH resource and sustainability strategy

III- Lead and coordinate resource mobilization efforts, including timely submission of concept notes, proposals for short, medium- and long-term funding of EA FS SH;

IV- Review the Hub Strategy with foresight budgets for 5 years

V- Present the resource and sustainability strategy for validation – virtual meeting (s)

VI- Finalize the EA FS Strategy, resource mobilisation and sustainability strategy aligned with the EA FS Support Hub Strategy and the prevailing context in the region;

VII- Review Past or on-going donor and government initiatives supporting and planning to use FFS in the region and explore of opportunities for partnerships of resource leveraging

VIII- Participate in EA FS SH planning meetings.

IX- Develop detailed inventory of potential funds for EA FSH

X- Develop capacity of the EA FS Hub team on resource mobilisation.

4. Deliverables

a) Inception report within one week upon signing the contract, outlining the methodology and workplan (2 3 pages),

b) Final EA FS Strategic Plan with 5 year rolling budget, resource mobilisation and sustainability strategy

c) Fundable Concept Notes and Proposals; ready for submission or with minor review for submission for funding

d) Final report of the assignment with recommendations for incorporation of EA FS SH other EA Countries

5. Reporting

The consultant shall report to the AFAAS Executive Director through AFAAS Partnership, Planning and Learning Specialist/ FSH Coordinator and work with FS Hub team- Communication and KM expert, Documentation and MEL expert.

6. Location

The consultant will execute the assignment at his/ her own premises, but open for a working station at the AFAAS Secretariat in Kampala, Uganda or elsewhere. Frequent communication and online meetings shall be held to fast-track this assignment.

7. Duration of the Assignment

The assignment shall be undertaken in the period of 30 working days, spread in September- November 2020.

8. Qualification Requirements and Experience

The consultant is expected to have the following experience:

I- Masters degree in Agricultural Extension, Economics, social studies, Economics or development studies

II- At least seven years’ experience in the agricultural research and development sub-sector, with focus to African context;

III- Strong social capital within funding organizations and within Africa’s agricultural research and development organisations. Ability to engage with private sector will be added advantage;

IV- Profound experience in resource mobilisation with record of winning competitive grants from traditional and non-traditional donors;

V- Excellent writing, presentation and communication skills;

VI- Flexibility and availability of a team to support the process within a limited time period.

9. Applications

The Consultant/ expert to send an updated CV and summary technical and financial proposal (maximum 2 pages, aerial narrow font, single spacing) to AFAAS Executive Director.

Executive Director, AFAAS;
Dr. Silim Nahdy;
P.O. BOX 34624 Kampala;
Tel: +256-312313400;

Copying the AFAAS Procurement Specialist, Paddy Grace Wanzala, and email: Further information may be obtained from EA Field Schools Support Hub Coordinator/ Partnerships, Planning and Learning Specialist; AFAAS email:

10. Closing Date

The deadline for submission of applications with technical proposal will be Monday 5 October 2020, by 12:00 noon EA Time. Only shortlisted applicants shall be contacted. Qualified Females are encouraged to apply

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