African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services


Dear Bidder,

  • The African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) has received grant funding from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) under PO Number 349524 in support of Eastern Africa Field School Support Hub to provide services to Investment programmes. For the implementation of the project activities, AFAAS will conduct procurements for goods, consulting and non-consulting services, in accordance with the AFAAS procurement rules and procedures; IFAD Procurement Handbook and IFAD Procurement Guidelines.
  • AFAAS now invites reputable companies to submit bids for the items described in the Bid Form attached to this letter as Annex I.
  • When preparing your bid, please use the Bid Submission Form attached to this letter as Annex II and follow the instructions set out below and, in the Terms, and Conditions applicable to AFAAS contracts attached as Annex III. Please return your completed Bid Submission Form to the AFAAS together with the Certification Form Annex IV duly signed by the authorized representative of your company.
  • The conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions for the Procurement of Goods, as well as any other conditions contained in or enclosed with this letter, will become part of any contract concluded with the successful bidder. If your offer is accepted, you will receive a formal Purchase Order.


  1. For this request, Bids may be submitted by delivery in person, electronically by email or courier. You must submit your offer strictly in compliance with the procedures described below.
  2. For it to be eligible for consideration, the AFAAS must receive your offer, signed by the authorised representative and stamped with the official seal of your company, on or before 10:00 AM (Kampala Time), Tuesday, 5th April 2022, at the following address:
  • AFAAS Reception Desk;
  • Kigobe Road; House No. 26; Minister’s Village;
  • O BOX 34624 Kampala, Uganda
  • Telephone: +256-312313400.
  • Email:;
  1. Bids received after the deadline specified above will not be considered. The AFAAS reserves the right to extend the deadline for the submission of Bids. In such an event, the AFAAS will inform all potential bidders in writing of the terms and duration of the extension.


Yours faithfully

Grace Paddy Wanzala MCIPS

Procurement Specialist

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