African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services


Proc. Ref: RFQ-AFAAS/IFAD-EU/SPLS/2021/003
Dear Bidder,

The African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) has received grant funding from the
European Union funded by International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) under Grant Number:
2000002981 towards the implementation of the CAADP XP4 Organisations under the initiative
“Development Smart Innovation through Research in Agriculture (DeSIRA)” Project. For the
implementation of the project activities, AFAAS will conduct procurements for goods, consulting and
non-consulting services, in accordance with the IFAD Procurement Handbook and IFAD Procurement

AFAAS, now invites reputable companies to submit bids for the items described in the Bid Form
attached to this letter as Annex I. When preparing your bid, please use the Bid Submission Form attached to this letter as Annex II and follow the instructions set out below and in the Terms and Conditions applicable to AFAAS contracts attached as Annex III. Please return your completed Bid Submission Form to the AFAAS together with
the Certification Form Annex IV duly signed by the authorized representative of your company.

The conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions for the Procurement of Goods, as well as any other
conditions contained in or enclosed with this letter, will become part of any contract concluded with the
successful bidder. If your offer is accepted, you will receive a formal Purchase Order.

a) For this request, Bids may be submitted by delivery in person, electronically by email or courier. You
must submit your offer strictly in compliance with the procedures described below.
b) For it to be eligible for consideration, the AFAAS must receive your offer, signed by the authorized
representative and stamped with the official seal of your company, on or before 02:00 PM (Kampala
Time), Friday, 30 April 2021, at the following address:

AFAAS Reception Desk;
Kigobe Road; House No. 26; Minister’s Village;
P.O BOX 34624 Kampala, Uganda
Telephone: +256-312313400.

RFQ-AFAAS/IFAD-EU/SPLS/2021/003 Page 2 of 17
c) Bids received after the deadline specified above will not be considered. The AFAAS reserves the
right to extend the deadline for the submission of Bids. In such an event, the AFAAS will inform all
potential bidders in writing of the terms and duration of the extension.
Yours faithfully
Grace Paddy Wanzala MCIPS
Procurement Specialist

1) Detail Requirement Annex I;
2) BID Submission Form Annex II
3) Terms and Conditions applicable to AFAAS contracts Annex III
4) Certification to be submitted by a Bidder Annex IVRFQ-AFAAS/IFAD-EU/SPLS/2021/003 Page 3 of 17
Procurement Ref. No. – RFQ-AFAAS/IFAD-EU/SPLS/2021/003
Last Date of Submission of Bids – 30th April, 2021 at 2.00 p.m.
Please take note of the following requirements and conditions pertaining to the supply of the above
mentioned good/s:
Exact Address of Delivery
AFAAS Reception Desk
Attention: Dr. Silim M. Nahdy
Executive Director, AFAAS;
Kigobe Road; House No. 26; Minister’s Village;
P.O BOX 34624 Kampala, Uganda;
Telephone: +256-312313400.
Latest Expected Delivery date
and Time (if delivery time
exceeds this quote may be
4 weeks from issuance of Purchase Order (PO)
Delivery Schedule

Packing Requirements Original – Intact Packing by manufacturer
Currency of Quotation Uganda Shillings
Value Added Tax on Price
Quotation Must be inclusive of VAT
The calculation of VAT must be shown separately
After-sales services required ☒ Warranty on Parts and Labour for minimum period of 1Year;
Warranty: Atleast one year
Deadline for the Submission of Quotation
2.00 p.m. (E.A Time), 30th April, 2021
All documentations, including
catalogues, instructions and
operating manuals, shall be in
this language: English
Documents to be submitted
(*Bidders must submit all the
documents listed. Failure to do
so shall results in
☒ Duly accomplished BID Submission Form as provided in Annex II,
and in accordance with the requirement detailed in Annex I;
☒ Copy of Certificate of incorporation/Registration Certificate;
☒ Copy of Tax Clearance Certificate 2020;
☒ Copy of latest Trading Licence;
☒ Manufacturer’s Authorization of the Company as an Authorised
Distributor (if Supplier is not the manufacturer);
☒ Certification to be submitted by a bidder in an AFAAS
Competitive Procedure as Annex IV;RFQ-AFAAS/IFAD-EU/SPLS/2021/003 Page 4 of 17
Period of Validity of the Quotes
starting on the Submission Date
☒ 60 days
In exceptional circumstances, AFAAS may request the Vendor to
extend the validity of the Quotation beyond what has been initially
indicated in this RFQ. The Proposer shall then confirm the
extension in writing, without any modification whatsoever on the
Partial Quotes: Not permitted
Payment Terms : 100% upon complete delivery of goods and acceptance by AFAAS
Liquidated Damages Please note that Liquidated damages for delay caused by the
Vendor shall be 0.1% of the total price of the Contract per day of
delay but not exceeding 10% of the total value of the contract.
Evaluation Criteria
[check as many as applicable]
☒ Technical responsiveness – Full compliance to requirements and
lowest price.
☒ Comprehensiveness of after-sales services
☒ Full acceptance of the PO/Contract General Terms and
Conditions [this is a mandatory criteria and cannot be deleted
regardless of the nature of services required]
AFAAS will award to: ☒ One Supplier
Type of Contract to be Signed ☒ Lumpsum – AFAAS Purchase Order for Goods
Conditions for Release of

☒ Passing Inspection & where required completion of Installation;
☒ Written Acceptance of Goods based on full compliance with RFQ
Annexes to this RFQ ☒ Detail Requirement including Specifications of the Goods
Required Annex I;
☒ Form for Submission of Quotation Annex II;
☒ Terms and Conditions applicable to AFAAS contracts Annex III;
☒ Certification to be submitted by a bidder in an AFAAS Competitive
Procedure as Annex IV.
Non-acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for AFAAS contracts
shall be grounds for disqualification from this procurement process.
Contact Person for Inquiries
(Written inquiries only)
Grace Paddy Wanzala MCIPS

Any delay in AFAAS’s response shall not be used as a reason for
extending the deadline for submission, unless AFAAS determines
that such an extension is necessary and communicates a new
deadline to the bidders. RFQ-AFAAS/IFAD-EU/SPLS/2021/003 Page 5 of 17

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