African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services

Existing Policies Supporting Digital Services and Investment in the Agricultural Sector in Kenya

This policy brief stems from a thorough examination of the policy landscape governing the agricultural sector in Kenya. It delves into the intricacies of existing policies, paying special attention to their stance on digital Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS). The study identifies policies that play a pivotal role in either fostering or hindering the seamless delivery of AEAS through digital channels.

Furthermore, this brief doesn’t merely stop at analysis. It extends to offer strategic recommendations for policy dialogues. These suggestions are designed to address critical areas for improvement within the agricultural sector. They encompass the vital aspects of women and youth engagement, the seamless integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in AEAS, collaborative efforts with pertinent departments, and a focused approach towards investing in the agricultural sector.

By encapsulating these findings and recommendations, this policy brief serves as a foundational document for informed discussions and potential reforms in the agricultural policy framework. It is envisioned that these insights will catalyze positive change, fostering a more inclusive, technologically advanced, and economically vibrant agricultural sector in Kenya.