African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services

Agricultural Extension: – Innovation and Outreach

Job Description: Agricultural Extension , Innovation and Outreach

  1. Job Summary

The Agricultural Extension – Innovation and Outreach shall be resposnsible for building and managing strategic partnerships and relationships and in the execution of collaborative and integrated research, Extension, outreach, innovations and programmess in AEAS for sustainable development and growth of AFAAS and its Networks. Specifically the role will include:

  • Providing support and backstopping to Country Fora (CF) Regional Fora (RF) and the AFAAS network generally as the outreach arms of AFAAS;
  • Develop and implement a donor intelligence system and collaboration, maintain donor relations and contribute to resource mobilization for the growth of AFAAS networks
  • Provide relevant technical leadership in various AEAS studies and initiatives through collaborative arrangements and/or multi-disciplinary teams for improved AEAS;
  1. Providing support and technical backstopping to AFAAS Networks for innovations and outreach of AFAAS;
  2. Developing and/or operationalizing policies and plans aimed at mainstreaming AEAS and gender, CSA, digitalisation, nutrition initiatives at all levels and while addressing disparities within the agriculture sector;
  3. Provide technical advice on design elements to strengthen and reformand modernisation of  extension extension and advisory systems by integrating, among others, digital extension services;
  4. Coordinate the participation of continental, regional and national organizations in foresight initiatives and the appropriate application of results from past and ongoing foresight initiatives;
  5. Lead the processes and initiatives of scaling up and out of good practices and Agricultural innovations within AFAAS and its networks;
  6. Responsible for capacity development and technical assistance at the Secretariat, RF and CFs levels for all related technical, policy and foresight activities;
  7. Contribute to technical backstopping and ensure the high quality/effectiveness of capacity development and knowledge sharing activities, including learning events;
  • Support the development and management of collaborative initiatives and strategic partnerships with various organisations in implementing innovative approaches and outreach activities;
  • Maintain networks of collaboration with institutions and technical experts to gather information and promote and improve extension and advisory service delivery;
  • Ensure collaboration with Continental, Regional and National organizations in foresight initiatives and adopt/apply results appropriately for better AEAS delivery;
  • Coordinate the development and promotion of guidelines for inclusion of relevant climate STI indicators in NAIPs, for use by National, Regional and Continental institutions;
  • Supporting resource mobilisation by developing and implementing a donor intelligence system, proposals and support in maintaining donor relations for growth of AFAAS networks at all levels.
  • Contribute to designing and developing strategic initiatives in resource mobilization, which includes: undertaking donor intelligence; development and management of strategic partnerships and collaborative processes with different stakeholders at international, regional and national levels, for the implementation of the AFAAS MTOP;
  • Contribute to initiatives in resource mobilisation through proposal writing, organising resource mobilisation drives at AFAAS Secretariat and CF level;
  • Provide relevant technical leadership in various AEAS studies and initiatives through collaborative arrangements and/or multi-disciplinary teams for improved AEAS;
  • Provide support in the adoption and application of practical and innovative solutions to challenges facing AEAS based on lessons learnt and best practices (use of technical workshops, consultations, seminars and training sessions);
  • Contribute to the preparation of studies, position papers, policy briefs and conceptual frameworks that strengthen extension systems and agriculture innovation systems;
  • Contribute to production of AFAAS wide technical and project-based reports, assessments and analyses to inform the relevant target.

The following set of competencies and qualifications will form the basis for selection

  • Minimum of a Master’s degree in Agricultural Extension, Rural Development, Social Sciences, Development Studies or related fields. PhD in Agricultural Extension or field is an added advantage;
  • A bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences – Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Economics, Rural Development, Rural Innovations or related field;
  • Post Graduate Qualifications in Project planning and Management is preferable;
  • Minimum of Five (5) years of relevant experience in facilitating projects and partnerships involving agrifood Research & Innovation systems, including experience in project management, Monitoring & Evaluation and knowledge management;
  • Proven track record on leadership/management experience in policy and practice in Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services, including Systems, approaches, methods and tools;
  • Deep knowledge of the external environment, particularly in terms of priorities, programme and expectations from the various stakeholders such as policymakers, regional and international institutions, and donors;
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in facilitating partnerships/collective actions with agri-food actors including farmers and farmers’ organizations;
  • Experience in resource mobilization for international non-profit organization, including experience in scouting for funding, grant proposal writing and reporting;
  • Familiarity with the management of donor-funded development projects, including contract management;
  • Relevant experience in knowledge and information dissemination in multi-stakeholder projects and building participatory knowledge bases for scaling up and out;
  • Ability to facilitate and work effectively with a diverse team of people and organizations;
  • Excellent written, and oral communication skills in English (knowledge of French is an asset);
  • Ability to work independently in a multidisciplinary and multi-cultural environment.

Deadline: Friday, 7th April, 2023 at 5.00 p.m.

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