Stories from 10 Country Forums – Year 2020

Title : Stories from 10 Country Forums
Author: AFAAS
Date of publication: 2021
Language: English
Country of origin: 10 Countries
Number of pages: 19
Target Audience: Public




The Country Fora (CFs) are building blocks of AFAAS and bring together a wide range of actors and stakeholders involved in or benefitting from agricultural extension and advisory services (AEAS) in a country. They provide mechanisms for the diverse actors – including farmers – to exchange information, share lessons, identify opportunities for providing services  to each other, and for innovating for effective services. It was anticipated that the CFs will evolve into providing leadership to the overall development of effective AEAS in particular countries and serve as springboard for innovations and entry points for regional and international initiatives in improving AEAS and rural livelihood in general.

From the stories documented in the ten Countries by the CFs (Cameroon – CamFAAS, Ethiopia – ADPLAC, Ghana – GFAAS, Kenya – KeFAAS, Madagascar – FCA, Malawi – MaFAAS,  Mali – FOSCAR, Nigeria – NIFAA, South Africa – SAFAEAS and Uganda – UFAAS), high level capability is being exhibited by the various CFs in providing leadership and innovations in various topical areas of AEAS and they are proving to be initiators and/or entry points for several national initiatives for the advancement of AEAS and agriculture in general.