Title : GFRAS – YPAD Operational Plan 2021 – 2025

Author: AFAAS
Date of publication: March 2020
Language: English
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Number of pages: 39
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Summary :

The current global food system is under ever-growing pressure. Increasing strains on water and land use, loos of biodiversity, accelerating changing climate, rapidly spreading pests and diseases have made farmers’ lives increasingly insecure and challenging. Increasing investment in agriculture-related research resulting in development of environmental-friendly practices, new breeds and agronomic technologies, does not sufficiently translates into increased productivity, waste management and sustainability. Challenging both farmers’ livelihood and global food security. This is due to the challenge that 70% of all agriculture-related research never reach the end-user. The missing link is not so much ‘lack of technologies’ as it is the ‘lack of ability to get knowledge technologies to the users in a useful and affordable format’. Increased investment in innovations in extension and rural advisory services seems to be an appropriate answer to the challenges agriculture and food systems are facing.