AFAAS has an implementation mechanism that will be used to reach the target participants and beneficiaries at different levels.

  • A team of experts composed of people from AFAAS, from partners working at different levels from continental to national level will form the continental Foresight4AEAS technical working group
  • Country Fora facilitators (focal persons and CIKM) are facilitating the coordination of country activities and each Country Fora have a Foresight Working Group lead by the Foresight facilitator
  • Monthly continental online trainings are organized at continental level
  • Periodical trainings and exercises are organized internally in each Country Fora
  • Practical exercises in scenario planning, visioning will be undertaken by each Country Fora focusing on common thematics
  • AFAAS Secretariat and experts will backstop foresight initiatives launched by CFs and will organise monthly continental strategy, policy and experience sharing

Evaluation will be done and Certificates will be descerned for those who demonstrate competences.

AFAAS will descern Certificates for Facilitators and Certificates for Practioners.