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Création et renforcement des Forums Nationaux de l’AFAAS : Directives

Les présentes Directives pour la création et le renforcement des Forums nationaux au sein du réseau AFAAS visent à fournir aux acteurs des Services de Conseil Agricole (SCA) des pays africains des avis et des idées sur la manière dont ils peuvent mettre en place leur propre réseau national de collaboration pour améliorer et renforcer le rôle …

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Establishing and strengthening of AFAAS Country Forums: Guidelines

The present Guidelines for Establishing and Strengthening AFAAS Country Forums are intended to provide AAS stakeholders in African countries with advice and ideas to how they can establish their own collaboration networks to improve and strengthen the role of AAS in their countries and how they can link this to the AFAAS continental network as an AFAAS CF.


This overview is intended to guide the potential applicants for any of the AFAAS sub-grant system. The information provided will make potential applicants aware of the responsibilities to which they are committing when applying for sub-grant support. For grants under the Competitive Sub-grant System, the applicants shall be subjected to intense scrutiny as part of …