AFAAS Hackathon 2021

AFAAS promotes the digitalisation of extension and build capacities of the network during the year 2021. Coders from 10 countries are getting prepared for a national and continental hackathon focusing on 3 areas:
  1. Management of AEAS actors and activities with beneficiaries
  2. Database/repository of CSA approaches, techniques and knowledge
  3. Meteorology and weather information systems and crop calendar

Why the D4AEAS initiative?

Digitalization of agriculture is a game changer in improving the reach, effectiveness and efficiency of agriculture and extension and advisory services. AFAAS will not be left behind. Since the outbreak of COVID -19, online remote working using digital tools has become more relevant on top of adding a safety dimension while staying productive in a threatened world.
With partners, AFAAS will take full advantage of digitalisation to transform the AEAS landscape in Africa.

We have some questions that needs answers

How are African AEAS actors performing in the Digital space?

What are the existing solutions and the related challenges?

What is the status of D4Ag and e-extension in Africa?

How do we see e-Extension in future?

What are the recommendations and policies to positively influence the future of Extension?

We have 3 objectives for the year 2020

Objectives for 2020 are three fold:

1. To inform and create awareness about the D4Ag in general, and specifically Digitalisation of AEAS 

2. To immerse AEAS actors in the D4Ag space for more productivity and efficiency

3. To engage AEAS actors in Foresight Exercises related to the future of AEAS regarding the D4Ag trends and influence policies